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If you are an organization looking for certain products or services, then Michail Group is the Company for you. Michail Group has many products and services not all shown in this site. We may have just the item you are looking for.  Many of Michail Group's clients are member based or MLM/Networking Companies so we understand how important it is to find a solid and interesting but profitable product and service with perceived value. One call can make a big difference to your company.

Travel SIM CardsMGiSIM introduces its revolutionary Global Roaming Travel SIM card which allows you to have multiple mobile numbers from different operators on one single sim card. 

Global Roaming Travel SIM

At present, nearly all sim cards issued by mobile operators will only contain their own issued mobile number for you to use. Clearly, however, there are numerous scenarios where people might want a convenient way to have access to multiple mobile numbers and network operators on one sim card. It could be used to improve coverage, for better pricing or roaming options, particular service availability, different purposes (e.g. work vs. personal number) & numerous others without need for carrying multiple phones. MGiSIM's Global Roaming Travel SIM card allows you to do this using one device rather than having two or three separate devices, with one SIM in each. 


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