Michail Group offers various travel incentives to help businesses grow and build better relationships with their clients, staff or member base. Customization and flexibility gives you the power to structure your program for maximum potential! Contact us today for more information.

Travel Incentives


Today, many companies try to increase sales at the expense of discounted products. Travel Incentives, on the other hand, allow companies to maintain and enhance product value by offering an inducement that has more appeal and higher perceived value then a discounted product. In today's marketplace, travel is a unique attention-getting incentive. A special promotion featuring free travel stands out in the media. It breaks through day-to-day advertising clutter and makes your service/product more valuable.

There are many uses for travel incentives, here are just a few:

Sales and Marketing Employee Motivation
  • Sell more products
  • Increase product value
  • Close more sales
  • Promote events
  • Appreciation packages
  • Attract new visitors
  • Givaways
  • Upgrades / upsells
  • Increase consumer loyalty
  • Liquidate overstock items
  • and more...
  • Motivate staff
  • Rewards programs
  • Increase productivity
  • Reward achievements
  • positive work atmosphere
  • Retain more employees
  • Improve sales goals
  • Maintain a happy workforce

The goals of every business are the same. Better return on investment, increased sales, increased market share, greater net income per employee, lower costs, keeping clients happy... the list goes on. But how do you get there? People! People are the critical variable in any business and for your business to prosper; it must look at how people deliver value; be it on the customer side or the employee side of the relationship. When you motivate and reward, you create positive behaviors that drive your business.


Your customers mean the world to you, but, do you mean the world to your customers? Today's consumers demand and expect more for their money. How do you compete? Easy. Give them what they want!

Here is How!

  • Add excitement to their purchase.
  • Provide them with the luxury they deserve.
  • Include the whole family
  • Provide extra value to their purchase.
  • Create a memory to keep them coming back!
  • Create an image of your company.


Travel Incentives - Escape Cards

Michail Group Inc. Escape Cards are travel incentives with an edge! Designed specifically to help promote any business or add value to any products or service. Each card is branded for your company and provide your staff, clients, customers or members with unparalled discounts and access to more that 100,000 accommodations worldwide. To maximize your incentive programs potential, MGi Escape Cards provide you with the flexibility to start with 'one time access cards' or 30, 60, 90 day programs and scretching to full annual programs.

Travel Incentive Escape Card

Travel Incentives - E-Travel Tickets

E-Travel Tickets are excellent for closing deals, adding value to an existing program or for a trial leading to a sale of a full membership program, you choose. The E-Travel Ticket provides the recipient with "one-use" access to our or your own discounted booking website. Each ticket is valid for one (1) booking.

Travel Incentives - ETravel Tickets

E-Travel Tickets are also fully brand-able with your company logo, graphics and any specific details that may be necessary to create the prefect promotional tool! Get them in bookets of 10, 25, 50 or 100.

Contact us today and begin customizing now!  You can create booklets and sell the in packages or issue one by one.

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