Michail Group Inc. will work with you to develop and customize a specific program that suites your Companie's needs. Our team of specialized professionals will help build a program that will allow you to provide comprehensive travel solutions to your employee's, clients or members. Contact Us

Travel Membership Programs


We offer a turnkey business solution from an “add on product” to developing a “brand new company” ready to market. We do everything for you except the selling part, we leave that to you.

If you are starting a new company our team of professionals can assist you with creating:

  • Branding for your Business (logo, stationary, business cards, etc.)
  • Customized dynamic web site creation
  • Administration & bookings are maintained by our team agents.

Our programs have evolved with respects to our client requirements. We have various options to help structure your new travel program for maximum results or to fit it within your existing business model. You may choose from:

  • A points program
  • Renewal annual program
  • Monthly program
  • One Time Booking Option
  • Or a no price site for giveaways or rewards

"Success starts with a company who has a history of successful vacation programs globally"


What is an Annual Membership?
An annual membership offers the member unlimited use and booking privileges for one year from the date they became a member. The only ongoing fee would be an annual administration fee.  This fee is used for research/development and maintaining the Member’s Site.

Great for frequent travelers and totally flexible providing members with days, weeks or months consecutively. Our expert team would be happy to walk you through the process and provide you with entry to one of our demo sites to explore thousands of properties around the world and to judge for yourself!


What is a Monthly Membership?
Monthly memberships allow you to promote a monthly fee for access to the vacation club we create for you. This is excellent for a company that is already offering a monthly service.

Your client would pay a fee you decide on per month.  For this fee they would have unlimited booking privileges for that month. Monthly memberships are becoming a cost effective way for members to travel.  They can cancel at anytime too!  You control the program at all times.  You can even have multi types of memberships.


What is a Point Based Program?
Today everyone is offering points for something.  It makes perfect sense to offer points for travel too. We can develop a program with only points showing as a booking fee.  The points would have to be created by your company and you would provide us the ratio.  We would do the rest.  Example:  $1 can equate to 1 point or 10 points.

The excellent part about this program, if you have products and services you offer now, the member can redeem with left over points those products and services.

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