Michail Group Inc. will work with you to develop and customize a specific travel program that suites your company's needs. Our team of specialized professionals will help build a program that will allow you to provide comprehensive travel solutions to your employee's, clients or members. For more info please contact us

Customized Travel Programs


Our Company provides the highest quality travel products available in today's market place and perfect business solutions to match your company's specific requirements, regardless of the industry. Our edge is unprecedented access to the travel industry that provides a seamless blend of unique "real time" properties.

Similarly, providing cutting edge, easy access online system exclusively for your clients. Offering an impressive range of properties with exceptional discounts enables your business to harness the power of travel to enhance profits, thank clients and reward or motivate staff.

Tools such as annual / monthly memberships, one-time access use, rewards and points program, as well as a joint venture program can easily and cost-effectively be tailored to your business needs, to take your enterprises to the next level.


Travel Membership Programs
5 Star+ Luxury Programs
Travel Incentives
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If you own your own Hotel, Resort or Vacation Facility
that has 70 suites or more, then we encourage you to
contact us today.

We will show you how we can help you double your hotel's annual income with no encumbrances on your vacation property and no complaints from your hotel guests, staff or travel agencies booking for you right now.

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