Michail Group offers specialized travel incentives and travel membership programs to businesses around the world. For a personalized outline of our various programs or to see if travel fits your company's system whether for clients, members, incentives or staff, please contact one of our qualified representatives.

Customized Travel Programs

Travel Membership Programs

Michail Group IncorporatedWelcome to a new age in the travel / tourism and vacation industry. Customizable travel membership programs are designed where the client is the critical factor and not the people who try to dictate the industry. After years of being involved in the travel and vacation industry, we started to see that there are several major factors that are very important:

  • People love to travel
  • People want value for their hard earned money
  • People want first class service

With that being said, we also noticed that these needs are being overlooked. Sure, it’s a given that people love to travel, and yes all of the travel companies work on this as a hook. However, we also saw that under the current standards being portrayed to the consumer, perceived value vs. actual value in many cases are at opposite ends of the spectrum. This is one of the primary reasons we started to develop this program.

Based on our background and experience of being involved in the industry, we were able to:

  • Evaluate the current method of programs available to the consumer
  • Define the critical requirements
  • Address the critical requirements

The way that we were able to address the issue of critical requirements was in our ability to build and partner with vendors who are leaders in the industry as well as have a vision for development for the future. We have brought together a team of people and companies that look at things from the perspective of building and changing the industry.

Products and services you can utilize within your organization or become a supplier yourself and offer them to your clients.

  • Travel Incentives for gifts and marketing tools
  • Resort rentals starting at $300 USD per week
  • Over 100,000 real time properties globally
  • Event Planning
  • Catering meetings, office functions, etc.
  • Monogrammed items for gifts and marketing
  • Website design and hosting
  • Emergency Medical Air Transportation membership service
  • And more!
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What are Travel Incentives?

MGi Escape CardsTravel incentives are a great way for companies to promote their business and increase sales by offering a free or drastically discounted travel package to their customers. Typically travel incentives are used as bonuses to add extra value to a particular product or service.

In some cases, as with MGi Escape Cards when paired with a travel program hold trememdous value and can be sold as individual products. This type of scenerio is great for MLM companies or member based organizations. [+] Customize your cards Today!

Why use Travel Incentives?

By using travel incentives to add a higher precieved value to products or services, any company, whether buying or selling will see a minimum of 30% increase in profits. Travel incentives are the simpliest and most affordable method of improving your staffs productivity and motivation while maintaining a positive working environment. It is easy to see how travel incentives help build better relationships with customers, clients and staff. For more information on customized travel incentives from Michail Group please contact us and we will be happy to assist in creating the perfect promotional tool. [+] more

Create a Lasting Impression

Although cash is still a viable incentive, the impression it leaves on the individual who recieves it is limited. Imagine you recieved a bonus of $500 for achieving the most sales on your team. Where does that money go? In your pocket? Maybe the bank? Almost definitely it is going to pay some bills. Do you see where this is going? As soon as the money touches your fingers it is practically gone!

MGi Escape Cards

Now imagine a scenerio where instead of recieving $500 cash you are presented with an MGi Escape Card that is good for 1 year. You decide to take a vacation to a beautiful 5 Star resort with your family. With access to over 100,000 accommodations worldwide and prices as low as $300 per week one could see that even one trip can double or even triple the value of a cash incentive.

In addition to saving thousands of dollars, you and your family will remember the experiences you shared together while on vacation. And we all know that memories last a lifetime. When you return from paradise you will be glad to know that you can book as many vacations as you desire while your Escape Card is active.

Maximize Your Resort's Potential!

If you own your own Hotel, Resort or Vacation Facility that has 70 suites or more, then we encourage you to contact us today.

We will show you how we can help you double your hotel's annual income with no encumbrances on your vacation property and no complaints from your hotel guests, staff or travel agencies booking for you right now.

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